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" Black and White Broom"

Jump the Broom with this 36" wedding broom handle wrapped with gold ribbon and


Price: $25.00



"Braided Handle Broom"

This 36" broom was hand crafted for Stuart's Creations.  The  palm braided handle gives each broom a unique look with a loop  handle to hang your broom.  Just add a ribbon from your wedding colors or add your favorite flower. 

 Limited Time Only

Price: BHB $15.00


Undecorated Straw Broom

Price $12.00


Our Mt. Laurel Broom  back by popular demand, there is one broom like this. Our broom was featured in Essence Magazine. Length 39" to 41" length varies and the handles varies in color.  No handle are alike



UMLB -    Undecorated Price: $65.00 $40..99



Prices subject to change without notice!

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